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new york estate planning attorney answering questions

9 Questions to Ask an Estate Administration Attorney

Estate administration is the process of handling a deceased person’s affairs after they pass away. The tasks necessary vary widely and are typically handled by family members or other trusted persons with the assistance of an estate attorney. If your loved one had a comprehensive estate plan in place, the process is quicker and easier […]

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Spring Cleaning Checklist for your estate plan

A Spring Cleaning Checklist for Your Estate Plan

Spring is just around the corner. As you take time to refresh your home and garden, take the opportunity to look over your estate plan as well. Here is a checklist to help you review your estate planning documents. When Was the Last Time You Updated Your Estate Plan?  An estate plan should be periodically […]

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National Healthcare Decisions Day: Do You Have Advance Directives?

As published in the Long Island Press,, and A person with capacity can communicate their wishes to medical professionals regarding their health care decisions, but what happens if you are unable to do so? A Health Care Proxy and Living Will permit individuals to engage in advance medical care planning and are critical in the event of […]

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7 Reasons to Create an Estate Plan During the Holidays

For many, the holidays are an opportunity to spend time with friends and family and reflect on the past year. Here are seven reasons why the holiday season is the perfect time to work with an elder law attorney in New York to create your estate plan. 1. You Will Be With Your Loved Ones  […]

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The Difference Between Elder Law and Estate Planning Attorneys

As published in the Long Island Press, on and  Elder Law is a very specific field of law. Almost all Elder Law attorneys practice Estate Planning but most Estate Planning Attorneys DO NOT practice Elder Law. Elder Law and Estate Planning go hand-in-hand. Both are focused on planning ahead and maintaining decision-making and […]

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A couple discussing future plans with their elder law attorney

5 Types of Trusts in New York

A comprehensive estate plan allows you and your family to feel financially secure and confident. A trust is the most important document at the foundation of that plan. An asset protection plan allows a family to rest assured that not all assets will be spent down on the cost of long-term health care. A trust […]

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A senior citizen reviewing legal documents with her elder law attorney

Why Hire An Elder Law Attorney

If you are concerned with the health and financial welfare of an older adult in your life, you need to hire an Elder Law Attorney. Elder Law is a very specialized area of law that focuses on the legal needs of older adults. It encompasses key issues facing adults as they age, such as long-term […]

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Two men hand shaking after making estate planning document

Health Care Proxy vs. Living Will: What’s the Difference?

Health Care Proxies and Living Wills are related, but separate, legal documents. These important documents allow you to keep control of key health care decisions by making arrangements in advance and appointing trusted agents to assist you in the future. These essential estate planning documents allow you to designate a medical decision-maker and provide them […]

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A happy elderly woman hugging her dog

Estate Planning for Your Pets: Arranging for the Care of Your Beloved Pets After Your Become Incapacitated or Pass

Like countless pet owners, you may be deeply concerned about the welfare of your pets after you pass away or distressed about your pet’s care should you become incapacitated or require care in a healthcare facility. Like your other loved ones, you can provide for your pets with proper estate planning. Pet Trusts A Pet […]

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A New York elder law attorney's desk with a gavel on it

Legislature simplifies the power of attorney process

Published in Long Island Business News by Julianne Mosher Back in December, Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed new legislation, making significant changes to the power of attorney statute. The changes revised, and essentially simplified, the old form and replaced it with one that is easier to understand. But the changes also offer an opportunity for people […]

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