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Obamacare and Medicare: How Will it Impact Seniors?

Date:         Wednesday, November 20th 

Time:         5:00 pm - 6:30 pm  

Location:  The Bristal in Massapequa

                   400 County Line Road


Cost:          FREE

RSVP:       Moriah Farrell at

                   631.390.5000 or



This seminar is part of the  

Susan C. Snowe Caregiver Resource Center Education Series



Cona Elder Law's seminar will demystify the Obamacare myths, explain the impact of the Affordable Care Act on Medicare and Medicaid and provide seniors with the tools they need to navigate the new system.


Cona Elder Law's attorneys will answer these and other questions with which seniors are struggling:

Will we be forced to drop Medicare

   and sign up for an Exchange?

Will Obamacare limit our access

   to doctors?


Are we going to pay more

   premiums and a Medicare tax?


Will the prescription medications

   we take now still be covered?


Will we lose any of the benefits

   we have now?



The seminar will cover:


Obamacare: Changes to

   Benefits Affecting Seniors


Medicare: Understanding the

   Benefits and the Process


Community Medicaid:

   The Advent of Managed Care


FIDA: Benefits for Individuals

   Eligible for both Medicare and

   and Medicaid



** Following the presentation,

Cona Elder Law attorneys will be on hand

to answer questions. **



* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Cona Elder Law is recognized as a leading elder law and estate planning firm on Long Island.  The firm provides creative advocacy and cutting edge planning strategies and has been featured in many publications including: The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Newsday, L.I. Business News, Kiplinger's, Reader's Digest and many others.   Cona Elder Law attorneys are frequent contributors to Newsday's Act II "Ask the Expert" column and have appeared as guests on WNBC-TV, CNN-fn, News 12, News 55, Channel 21 "Act II With Newsday" and many radio stations including WOR, WCBS AM and WFAN.

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