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My family recently worked with Cona Elder Law’s Melissa Negrin-Wiener, Caryn Brown and Loren Napier to obtain Medicaid for my mom . The process is so arduous and I am thankful for their support and guidance along the way. Once Medicaid was approved Loren assisted us with coordination of care and selecting a Managed Long Term Care Agency and then guided us through the Nurse assessments and ultimately arranging for the nursing home agency and caregiver. We would have been lost without them.

Ellen D.

My brother and I have hired Cona Elder Law to handle our mother's elder care needs including a trust, Medicaid, and many other things. I wanted to make sure to let you know that Loren Napier has been very helpful through this difficult process. She is very knowledgeable, kind, professional, and quick to respond. Loren has made this process much easier for us and she is a wonderful employee.

Jean S.

dedication and kindness coupled with brilliance and patience

Ali J.

I am so grateful to Cona elder law for the sincere dedication and professionalism shown to me throughout my very difficult and taxing case. From the moment I explained my situation I was given first class advice and was provided with all the necessary details to help me organize the process. Marcus O’Toole was beyond professional at every single turn his dedication and kindness coupled with his brilliance and patience resulted in a positive outcome for my case. No email went unanswered no question was unheard.

Thank You All at Cona Elder Law

Marcus completed the work on the administration of my parents' trust; he was wonderful to work with and I am pleased with the outcome. I want to thank you for your guidance last summer which allowed me to get peace of mind at a difficult time. Switching to your law firm was the right course to take and I appreciate that you facilitated this.

Diane T.

I have had the pleasure of working with this law firm for many years. Not only are they extremely talented legal advocates they put their hearts into their work. Cona Elder Law is a visionary firm and they are always on the lookout for ways to give back to their audience. Not your everyday firm for sure. Keep it up guys, Long Island thanks you.

Greg D.

Partner Melissa Negrin-Wiener has consistently demonstrated outstanding technical expertise combined with excellent judgment and a caring and compassionate demeanor. I'd highly recommend Melissa and her colleagues at Cona Elder Law to anyone seeking a caring, compassionate and expert group of Elder Care attorneys for their legal needs.

Jeffrey Z.

They took my call, spent time with me on the phone when I was at a cross-roads with my mom’s healthcare coverage decisions. They saved me from handing over her income to the nursing home and were able to provide my mother with the best care and comfort as she deserved! Kind and professional staff! I can't say enough good things about this firm in one review.

Katie C.

Thanks to you and your great firm for all the help. Mom's last several years were good ones, in a large part, to the work done by you and your team.

John C.

Best experience we've had with a lawyer -- and we've had many. My family has been involved in a protracted Guardianship for my mother, which has been frustrating and stressful especially when dealing with courts and other lawyers who don't know what they are doing. We were referred to Cona Elder Law to help sort things out. They are true Pros. They created a strategy and within a few months not only had the Guardianship been settled, but Estate planning, POA, Healthcare Proxy, etc, were also now in order. They went above and beyond -- I'm not sure where we would be today if we were not fortunate enough to meet Cona Elder Law. Our family couldn't be more pleased with this firm.

Tyler B.

guided us through an extraordinarily difficult and emotional time

Bryan B.

Cona Elder Law has been my family’s go-to law firm for all elder care and estate planning issues for over 7 years now. In 2011, my father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. A family friend referred us to Melissa Negrin-Wiener and she guided us though an extraordinarily difficult and emotional time. Melissa and the Cona firm helped us navigate through complicated financial decisions and ultimately got us approved for Community Medicaid that allowed us to get round the clock home health care for my dad until his passing in 2014.

Since then, Melissa and all of the professionals at the Cona firm have continued to advise my family on trusts and estates issues and have always been responsive, knowledgeable, and strategic in their approach. I cannot say enough about the attention and care we have received from the Cona firm. Knowing that they are in our corner gives my entire family great comfort and ease of mind.

I contacted Cona Elder Law regarding my mother's estate planning. Not only did I find them professional and thorough, I was extremely pleased with how they interacted with my mother. I found them attentive to her needs and thoughts and explained things to her in an easy to understand manner. I would most certainly use them again.

Kathleen C.

I am so very grateful to all at Cona Elder Law for your Senior Dreams Come True Program. It is so refreshing to see that your firm is not looking to just receive payment for any/all services provided but that you truly have the light within your souls to consider that perhaps there is a low-income senior out there that could feel {your} kindness and compassion by simply reaching and asking……you have pulled my heartstrings.

Fanchea P.

Melissa Negrin-Wiener worked with me and my family a few years ago as our Elder Lawyer. She was very helpful and compassionate with my Mom & Dad.

Michelle F.

I am so impressed with your firm’s attentiveness throughout the VA process.

Hon. Joseph L.

The staff is knowledgeable about what they do for young and old, especially reminding the young to prepare for getting older. Everyone is very personable, caring, right there when you have a need or a question. I would recommend them to handle any legal work.

Bonnie K.

I worked with Partner Melissa Negrin-Wiener. Her kindness and consideration during a difficult time was truly unbelievable. She took the time to make me feel assured and comfortable. I recommend Cona Elder Law to friends and colleagues regularly because I know they will go above and beyond with every client.

Robert L.

provide security and peace of mind

Kathie Y.

The team at Cona Elder Law creates a supportive environment when planning and executing the challenging decisions involved with aging. They patiently listen, offer advice, help formulate a plan and efficiently deliver a legal framework that provides security and peace of mind for their clients. The attorneys and support staff are always a friendly phone call away. Cona Elder Law is the navigator everyone needs as they explore the challenges of estate planning and long-term health needs.

Thank you to all for achieving an executed document. My compliments to you for the understanding of our complex financial issues and your manner of presentation.

Jeff N.

I would like to thank Melissa Negrin-Wiener for all of her professional efforts in getting my mother approved for Medicaid. Everything she outlined in my initial consultation was delivered. I never felt a lack of confidence. Anytime I had a question I was answered with professionalism and confidence.

Mario C.

If every law firm was like yours, lawyers would never have a bad name.

Steve V.

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed and appreciated your two recent webinars. A number of years ago, Melissa Negrin-Wiener set up my mother’s affairs, and thanks to her efforts, I was able to fulfill my promise to her, and she lived out her life in her own home, despite her dementia. The time is coming for me to put my own affairs in order, and I will be contacting Melissa in the near future for planning. Thank you for the work you are doing.

Leslie W.

helpful, empathetic and honest

Maria G.

My family & I have used Cona Elder Law Firm for more than 15 years. Regardless of whether our contact has been through email, phone or in person, it has been met with professionalism & knowledge. Melissa Negrin-Wiener, Esq. & I have had contact many times over the years and sadly, many of my questions regarding legal advice have not been easy. Besides being a brilliant lawyer, Melissa has always been helpful, empathetic and honest. I highly recommend Cona Elder Law Firm & wouldn't use any other.

Such a relief to know my mother-in-law is in the hands of such a caring, yet professional law firm. Melissa Negrin-Wiener is not only a great attorney, she’s a god send as well!

Jessie R.

Jon and I wanted to thank Ken Kern very much for his truly excellent help on this matter. We greatly appreciated his very effective advocacy on our behalf and his ability to negotiate an acceptable settlement that addressed our concerns. We realize that negotiating with the other side was not easy or pleasant, but he managed to achieve a very good result for us nonetheless. Many thanks again for your great work!

Steven K.

I originally met with Cona Elder Law in 2014 to establish my will, health proxy, advance directives, power of attorney and trust. The services I received were very professional and well organized. In 2017 and 2020 all of these papers were reviewed to determine if any changes were needed. I think it is very important to make all these arranges while you are cognitively able and in control of your wishes.

Gloria B.

Thank you Diana for all your help....a high quality law firm that is professional, knowledgeable and caring. Highly recommend.

Dorothy P.

With regard to your firm's vaccine assistance hotline, I want to say how wonderful it is that you are offering this assistance.

Margery W.

Your firm is so kind and thoughtful about getting updated information out to Geriatric Professionals!

Loretta A.

We are so thankful that we work with Ken and his team at Cona Elder Law. His knowledge, guidance and the caliber of the team and their follow-up is remarkable.

Lisa S.

I chose Cona Elder Law for their reputation

Lesley D.

As a retired attorney who formerly worked in the elder law field, I chose Cona Elder Law for their reputation and they did not disappoint. My husband and I went to update our estate planning documents and worked with Marcus O'Toole. He was knowledgeable and very patient with us as we kept fine tuning a complicated trust he created for us. He kept us informed along the way as to the progress he was making and he responded timely to our questions and comments. We attended an informative program offered by the firm about senior living options and learned a great deal. I can confidently recommend them.

Sending this e-mail with a "big" thanks to Cona Elder Law and you for your help with arranging COVID vaccine appointments for my Mom and me so quickly! This past year has been challenging for everyone. Unfortunately, more for some than others. The only positive has been that it has brought out the best in people. I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated your help, as I was unable to accomplish this on my own, as I tried and tried to find two appointments together and was unable. We are very excited that we will be getting the first round of our vaccine tomorrow. Thanks for making a difference in people's lives during this difficult time.

Debra R.

I commend the extraordinary efforts of Michele Crawford in securing vaccine appointments for my husband, Robert Ross, and me this Saturday, March 13th. She has accomplished for us a quest to become vaccinated as seniors at a time when all of our leads were exhausted and we had become discouraged. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to your expert team of associates at Cona Elder Law for bringing us light at the end of the tunnel. You have given hope and encouragement to those of us in need of assistance. We are very appreciative and sincerely grateful of your firm’s expertise, compassion and concern for us.


I would like to thank you {and Ken}, for an amazing presentation. I listened to countless webinars, and I must say that yours was the best ever. You were extremely informative, the slides were explained in detail (which most times the presenters read from, instead of elaborating and explaining them), the session was flowing and the entire experience was fantastic.

Miriam U.

Just wanted to let you all know that we enjoy receiving the Newsletters from Cona Elder Law. You really are an excellent organization for Elder law.

Anastasia A.

I & my Family appreciate the help Mr. Marcus O' Toole -Gelo gave us in December 2021, very knowledgeable & kind.

Michael B.

I never met anyone with such a deep desire to help elders

Francine C.

Over the years, Melissa, a thoughtful, patient and compassionate attorney, guided me during a difficult time in my life in seeking the best care for my husband. I was able to select the assisted care living facility that best suited his needs and, years later, she helped with the Medicaid process of getting him into a nursing home. In addition, she set up all of the documents I needed for myself, such as a will, power of attorney, health care proxy, living will and trust.

Melissa guided me throughout the years and I have never regretted any decisions I made. She continues to be there whenever I feel I need her.

I have never met anyone with such a deep desire to help elders. Her compassion is limitless. I could never have gotten through the past 16 years without her. I am so very grateful for all she has done for me and recommend her and her law firm to everyone I meet.

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