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Cona Elder Law is a preeminent health care law firm with a superior reputation representing health care systems, health care facilities, Assisted Living Facilities and Continuing Care Retirement Communities in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

As an Elder Law firm, Cona Elder Law offers expertise in government benefits, Medicaid, Medicare, Fair Hearings, Article 78 proceedings and Guardianships in addition to collections and litigation. We keep open all possible sources of payment, whether private payment through litigation or by securing Medicaid benefits on behalf of a resident. With our unsurpassed success rate, Cona Elder Law is more efficient and more effective than other law firms.

Practicing in this field for over two decades, we possess the expertise, background and advocacy skills necessary to provide exceptional legal services to the health care industry.

Why Work with a Health Care Attorney?

health care business attorney knows how to navigate the complex web of state and federal laws that impact your health care organization. Good legal counsel will guide healthcare professionals, from owners, CFOs, administration, and physicians, through the maze of government regulations and around the many pitfalls.

A law firm will also provide your health system with “best practices”, helping all levels of staff become part of the solution in promoting quality outcomes, improving receivables and boosting and sustaining the bottom line.

Types of Health Care clients we serve

Cona Elder Law represents a range of health care providers, from family-owned nursing homes, to hospitals, assisted living facilities, conglomerate skilled nursing facilities, continuing care retirement communities and prominent health care systems.

We have been the go-to health care lawyers in New York for physicians, administrators and health care professionals for over 20 years, helping health care organizations run optimally, avoid legal pitfalls and provide the best care for patients and residents.

Contact Cona Elder Law's Experienced NY, NJ and PA Healthcare Lawyers 

The attorneys at Cona Elder Law bring more than 20 years of experience assisting health care facilities with reimbursement and recovery. We'll use our expertise to help your facility improve its bottom line.

Since 1998, we've helped facilities with our comprehensive suite of solutions. Instead of worrying about your A/R and your next receivables meeting, you can have a renewed focus on delivering the highest level of care to your patients and residents.

Contact Cona Elder Law today to schedule a consultation.

Our Health Care Facility Reimbursement and Recovery Services

When it comes to running a top-notch health care organization, you can only do that if your receivables are being collected timely and in full. That’s where our aggressive and successful healthcare lawyers come in - we offer extensive experience pursuing all sources for health care facility reimbursement and recovery in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Our attorneys get unsurpassed results, improving your bottom line.

Health Care Collections and Litigation

The health care collection and litigation team of attorneys at Cona Elder Law are laser focused on assisting our clients reduce their receivables. We offer extensive experience pursuing all sources for health care reimbursement and recovery.

Cona Elder Law has litigated cases in all New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania court jurisdictions for the past two decades.  We prosecute and resolve cases cost-effectively and efficiently for our health care organizations. We handle all collection and litigation matters, including:

  • Securing private pay balances and past due NAMI
  • Litigating claims in all courts throughout New York State
  • Pursuing claims against estates in Surrogate’s Court
  • Securing judgments, restraining assets and garnishing wages

Simply put, we'll go the distance to collect on your health care account receivables.

Health Care Guardianships

Cona Elder Law protects health care facilities from liability when caring for individuals incapable of making financial or healthcare decisions. We handle all health care guardianship matters, including:

  • Obtaining the appointment of a guardian who will marshal the resident’s assets and pay their bills
  • Securing immediate conditional Medicaid eligibility
  • Restraining bank accounts and securing other assets immediately
  • Working with guardians to spend down assets, sell real property and secure Medicaid eligibility
  • Eliminating or reducing Medicaid penalty periods via turnover proceedings and undue hardship waivers
  • Handling emergency petitions and life support hearings
  • Achieving timely discharges and transfers
  • Changing place of abode for ALF residents in lieu of eviction
Legal Counsel for CCRCs

The legal issues faced by Continuing Care Retirement Communities require special legal counsel with knowledge of this subset of the health care industry.

Our Long Island-based law firm has successfully handled all state and federal CCRC matters, including:

  • Drafting new resident contracts and guarantees
  • Reviewing residents’ trust agreements for responsible parties and Medicaid compliance
  • Preparing Confession of Judgments
  • Drafting Promissory Notes
  • Reviewing Financial Disclosures
  • Providing guidance regarding legally responsible parties to secure admissions documents and guarantees
  • Obtaining the appointment of a guardian to manage monthly payments, make medical decisions and handle level of care transfers within the community
Medicaid Cases

Denials of Medicaid claims or late pick-up dates can easily cost your health care facility tens of thousands of dollars. The team of health care attorneys at Cona Elder Law brings decades of experience representing health care systems to quickly resolve complex Medicaid issues, including: 

  • Preparing complex Medicaid Applications involving transfers of assets or real property, uncooperative families and documentary evidence problems
  • Advocating at Fair Hearings
  • Prosecuting Article 78 Proceedings
  • Resolving excess resource issues, penalty periods and spousal refusal matters
  • Handling Undue Hardship Waivers
  • Securing benefits for non-US citizens via PRUCOL status

Due to our creative, cutting-edge techniques and our aggressive advocacy before the Departments of Social Services, we proudly boast a 90% success rate in securing Medicaid benefits on behalf of our health care facility clients.

NY, NJ and PA Discharge Procedures 

Cona Elder Law is experienced in navigating the complicated health care laws governing the discharge plans of patients and residents.  We assist health care facilities in complying with state laws and regulations to ensure that your facility is not exposed to liability in the discharge process. Cona Elder Law handles all discharge issues, including:

  • Preparing discharge notices in compliance with New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania statutes and regulations
  • Counseling facility staff regarding psychiatric transfers and discharges
  • Assisting with emergency discharges
  • Advising staff on patient violence and health and safety threats
  • Creating alternatives to eviction for ALF residents

At Cona Elder Law, our experience allows us to guide health care facilities through the complicated regulations and laws.   We will work closely with you and provide guidance to ensure a safe and appropriate discharge.

Health Care Law Firm FAQs

Health Care Law is a highly complex area of the law and you need the right health law team on your side. Having experienced and aggressive legal counsel, like Cona Elder Law, represent your health care organization pays dividends. 

Do I Need a Health Care Attorney?

If you own or run a healthcare facility, you need a healthcare attorney. And not just any health law attorney. You need the best. In this highly regulated industry where pitfalls abound and reimbursement rates are continually slashed, you need legal counsel to guide you, implement best practices, improve your revenue, and boost and sustain your bottom line year over year.

How Do You Choose a Health Care Attorney in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania?

It’s important to choose a health care attorney and health law firm that represents healthcare facilities like yours. In the highly regulated healthcare industry, you need a law firm that has years of experience, a good reputation and a known track record of success, like the health law attorneys at Cona Elder Law. 

What is Litigation in Health Care?

Litigation arises in the health care space when there is a problem with government benefits, such as Medicaid or Medicare, when there is fraud or abuse, or an issue with managed care. Anytime a problem arises with state or federal government benefits, litigation can result, such as for coverage or a reimbursement appeal. Litigation can also result when families are not acting properly on behalf of their loved one and action has to be taken to secure that individual’s healthcare. 

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