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Elder Law Guidebook

This guide busts the top 10 myths of Elder Law & Estate Planning, and teaches you the right answers.

You'll Learn the Top 10 Myths of Elder Law & Estate Planning

  1. A revocable trust avoids estate taxes.
  2. A joint account is not a countable asset for Medicaid purposes.
  3. A power of attorney can make health care decisions.
  4. An IRS tax-free gift does not count as a gift for Medicaid purposes.
  5. A Will governs all assets, even accounts with joint titleholders or beneficiaries.
  6. You can’t own a home and be eligible for Medicaid benefits.
  7. Life insurance is not part of your taxable estate.
  8. An IRA is a countable resource for Medicaid purposes.
  9. A young person does not need Advance Directives.
  10. A disabled person cannot inherit money without losing government benefits.

Find out why all of the above are incorrect and get all the right answers inside our Guidebook.