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Cona Elder Law is a leading Elder Law and Senior Health Care industry resource. The mission of Elder Law Matters Podcast is to inspire and empower older adults to embrace aging with support and resources through a holistic approach to Elder Law.

In this episode Melissa discusses senior scams, starting a retirement checklist and keeping an inventory journal for your family. Guest Katie Coleman, financial advisor of Coleman Financial Services, talks about your will to retire. At the end of the show Jennifer provides practical tips and things to consider when you’re seeking care for an aging loved one.

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In this episode Melissa discusses what happens if you pass away without a will, holiday scams, and estate planning with guest Marcus O'Toole-Gelo, senior associate at Cona Elder Law. Jennifer questions new genetic testing for the early detection of Alzheimer’s disease. Find out what you should consider before jumping into it. Click Here To Listen

In this episode Melissa talks about 3 ways you can pay for long term care and the costs associated with being a caregiver. Jennifer acknowledges the gender pay gap and how it impacts retirement. Guest Debra Thivierge, Founder of the Elija Foundation, School, and farm explains the shortage of services for families who have children with special needs on Long Island. Click Here To Listen

In this episode Melissa reveals ways to get "fit" for retirement, not just financially, but physically. She mentions the need to exercise the body AND mind to decrease the potential for depression and dementia and highlights the importance of visiting your elderly parents. Jennifer addresses the costs of elder caregiving and the toll it takes on businesses - learn more about our elder care employee benefit program, Tools and Advice for Working Caregivers (TAWC). Click Here To Listen

In this episode Melissa discusses New York State's consideration to end spousal refusal. Guest Charlie Massimo, CEO of CJM Wealth Management, explains the SECURE Act and it's effect on your retirement. He also discusses how often you should meet with your financial advisor, and leaves us with tips on how to be a successful investor. Cona Elder Law Managing Partner Jennifer Cona provides the pros and cons of the new "telehealth" trend. Click Here To Listen

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