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NY HealthCare Collections and Litigation

Cona Elder Law offers a complete range of health care collections and litigation services. Although we strive for the more amicable out-of-court solution, we are always ready to go to trial. As a matter of fact, we prepare the case with this mindset during the entire course of the litigation. Therefore, we are never unprepared on any level when a trial is ultimately scheduled. Our approach combined with meticulous preparation allows us to achieve the best result for our clients, whether in court or across the negotiating table.

At Cona Elder Law, we have purposely and carefully nurtured our trial-ready reputation and our philosophy sends a message to adversaries.  Settlement decisions are guided solely by sensible case analysis.

Why Work with Cona Elder Law?

Cona Elder Law is recognized for superior advocacy and unparalleled negotiating skills. We believe the best results are attained by employing innovative strategies, creative techniques and old fashioned hard work. Our attorneys on Long Island are experienced in every aspect of litigation in all New York court jurisdictions.

Our trusted attorneys and staff will partner with you to determine the most effective and efficient manner to resolve a case, whether through litigation, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), mediation, or negotiation and settlement.

New York Health Care Collections and Litigation

Health care receivables can span from small Medicare co-pay amounts to growing NAMI balances to very large private pay balances of hundreds of thousands of dollars. It's important for your health care facility to recover outstanding debts within a timely manner while protecting your image, brand and reputation in the community. At Cona Elder Law, we offer a full range of health care collections and litigation services to help your facility improve your bottom line and maintain your focus on quality care.

The attorneys at Cona Elder Law have earned our well-deserved reputation as formidable litigation opponents as well as for our integrity.  Since 1998, we've been the go-to law firm for healthcare collections and litigation.

Cona Elder Law has litigated cases in all New York court jurisdictions for the past two decades.  We prosecute and resolve cases cost-effectively and efficiently. Cona handles all collection and litigation matters, including:

-Securing private pay balances and past due NAMI

-Litigating claims in all courts throughout New York State

-Pursuing claims against estates in Surrogate’s Court

-Securing judgments, restraining assets and garnishing wages

Contact Cona Elder Law for New York Collections and Litigation

If your healthcare facility would like to improve your health care collections or health care litigation results, the attorneys of Cona Elder Law can help. Our health care reimbursement and recovery attorneys are uniquely qualified to help facilities secure payment and improve receivables.

The New York health care litigation attorneys of Cona Elder Law offer the skills and experience you need and are here to help.

 Contact us at 631-619-2533 today.

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