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Elder Law and Trusts and Estates cover a broad range of issues, from asset protection planning, tax planning, probate and estate administration, Medicaid planning and more.

In practice for over two decades, our award-winning attorneys at Cona Elder Law are leaders in the field. We are known for keeping our clients and the public informed in these ever-changing areas of the law, making us the go-to Elder Law and Trusts and Estates Law firm on Long Island.

Elder Law

Elder Law is a unique field of law that addresses the needs of older adults as they age. Areas of concern include asset protection, estate planning, long term care planning, and planning for longevity and health care coverage. The focus is on early planning so that all care options are available and all or a maximum amount of assets can be protected. Click here to learn more.

Estate Administration

Estate administration and probate are similar processes that take place when a person passes away so that assets can be distributed to heirs. If there was a Will, the proceeding is a probate proceeding to appoint the executor named in the Will. If there was no Will, the matter will be an estate administration proceeding to appoint an administrator to handle the duties of the estate. The tasks thereafter are largely the same. Click here to learn more.

Healthcare Facilities

Cona Elder Law offers expertise in government benefits, Medicaid, Medicare, Fair Hearings, Article 78 proceedings and Guardianships in addition to collections and litigation. We keep open all possible sources of payment, whether private payment through litigation or by securing Medicaid benefits on behalf of a resident. Practicing in this field for over two decades, we possess the expertise, background and advocacy skills necessary to provide exceptional legal services to the healthcare industry. Click here to learn more.

Estate Planning

Everyone has an estate plan. That’s right. If you fail to prepare a Will, the New York State laws will dictate who will receive your assets. How do you avoid this and leave assets to whom you want? You prepare an estate plan, which will include a Last Will and Testament, possibly a trust, and always a Health Care Proxy, Living Will and Power of Attorney, collectively known as Advance Directives. These documents allow you to appoint agents to make decisions for you if you are unable to do so yourself. Click here to learn more.

Estate Litigation

Emotional distress, money and grief can lead to estate litigation, as can unresolved childhood wounds. The last thing you want is your children and loved ones embroiled in litigation over your estate, eating up the inheritance you left them on attorneys’ fees. A comprehensive estate plan laying out your wishes very specifically is the best way to avoid estate litigation. Click here to learn more.

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