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Cona Elder Law is New York’s leading law firm in the area of health care facility reimbursement and recovery, Elder Law, litigation and collections.  We represent over 160 skilled nursing facilities throughout New York State.

In New York, medical cannabis was legalized in 2014 through the passage of the Compassionate Care Act. The Compassionate Care Act permits medical cannabis (otherwise known as “medical marijuana”) to be used by patients suffering from certain “qualifying conditions” determined by the legislature and as amended by ongoing Department of Health regulations.  The Compassionate Care Act also set forth strict guidelines for the use of medical cannabis, including how it may be administered, who can possess medical cannabis products, and how much of it may be possessed at a time.

As the use of medical cannabis as part of individuals’ medical treatment plan continues to increase across the aging population in New York, health care facilities must be prepared to manage the needs of residents entering their facilities who are already utilizing medical cannabis or who wish to do so to manage their health condition once they are admitted to a facility, while remaining compliant with all applicable state laws.

Cona Elder Law’s Cannabis Compliance Practice Group assists health care facilities by providing support, assistance and compliance oversight for facilities and residents who wish to benefit from utilizing medical cannabis as part of an overall treatment plan.

Cona Elder Law can assist your facility with the following items:

  • Development of fully-compliant medical cannabis policies and protocols for medical cannabis use on premises;
  • Preparation of participation agreements for residents who wish to utilize medical cannabis on facility premises;
  • Coordinate the roll-out of fully-compliant medical cannabis programs for health care facilities;
  • Continued oversight and education regarding developments in medical cannabis laws, including in-service programs for facility staff;
  • Support facilities looking to obtain caregiver designation status;
  • Support medical practitioners and/or facilities looking to serve as certified practitioners for the purpose of providing patient certifications to residents; and
  • Helping facilities navigate issues and avoid liability relating to cannabis use on premises. 

Contact Cona Elder Law About Our Cannabis Compliance Practice Group

As the laws continue to change around medical cannabis, Cona Elder Law is at the forefront of this emerging area of law, science and medicine.

Cona Elder Law will assist Health Care Facilities with issues and help to resolve questions as they arise, insulating your facility from liability.

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