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Cona Elder Law PLLC combines extensive legal knowledge and expertise with passionate advocacy for our clients. In practice for over 25 years, our attorneys are leaders in the field. We are guided by our mission of delivering the highest quality of honest counsel, superior performance and result-driven outcomes. Our thorough and comprehensive services are designed to make you and your family comfortable. We understand the stress of aging and caring for loved ones because we’ve been there ourselves.

Our mission is to inspire and empower older adults to embrace aging with support and resources through a holistic approach to Elder Law. We provide thought leadership and deliver exceptional legal services to both families and the healthcare industry, finding innovative strategies and solutions to ensure our older adults receive quality care. We are dedicated to our clients, our community and our employees and to making New York a great place to live, work and age with grace.

What is Elder Law?

Elder Law is a specialized field of law that addresses the unique legal issues affecting older adults as they age. It encompasses Estate Planning, long term care planning and Asset Protection as well as major life decisions, such as planning for future health care needs. For this reason, Elder Law often involves family members and other loved ones and is multigenerational in its approach.

our elder law firm's approach

Cona Elder Law attorneys are passionate advocates for older adults and their loved ones. We take a holistic approach to Elder Law, providing support and resources for our clients, their family and friends, and caregivers.

Our clients become clients for life, as do their children and extended family members. We pride ourselves on maintaining long-term, partnering relationships with clients to provide the best solutions for multiple generations.

If you have wondered: “What can an Elder Law attorney do for you?" take this 5 question challenge:

  • Have you updated your Will in the last 5 years?
  • Have you protected assets in case you need home care or nursing home care?
  • Do you have a Living Will, Health Care Proxy and Power of Attorney?
  • Have you taken steps to protect your home?
  • Are you willing to spend one-half or even all of your assets on the cost of your care? 

Our Elder Law Firm’s Practice Areas

At Cona Elder Law, we create customized Trusts,  Estates and Elder Law plans. We focus on your Estate Planning, Asset Protection and care needs. We examine your concerns, discuss your goals and develop a holistic plan that works for you and your family members. You’ll feel comfortable and confident knowing our experienced Elder Law attorneys in New York are your advocates working to preserve your assets and protect your family.

Estate Planning

Do you need an Estate Plan? Very simply, yes. Every adult should have an Estate Plan regardless of age or wealth. Our trusted Estate Planning attorneys can work with you to establish legal documents such as a Power of Attorney, Health Care Proxy, Living Will and a Last Will and Testament.

Estate Administration

There are many complex legal and financial issues that can accompany Estate Administration in New York. The experienced attorneys at Cona Elder Law will help you navigate this space, and will be part of your fiduciary team throughout the Probate and Estate Administration process.

Estate Litigation

Whenever conflicts arise in the administration of an Estate or Trust, the experienced New York Estate Litigation attorneys at Cona Elder Law can help. Our knowledge and experience can be your greatest asset when faced with the complex and daunting prospect of Estate Litigation.

Our Other NY Elder Law Legal Services

In addition to providing Estate Planning, Administration and Litigation legal services across New York, we also offer:

Medicaid Planning

Our goal is to help you secure the best available health care while preserving your hard-earned assets to pass on to your loved ones and beneficiaries. Our Medicaid Planning attorneys can help you attain both of your goals with proper and legal Medicaid planning.

Special Needs Planning

Planning for individuals with Special Needs is of critical importance, and Cona Elder Law is here to help. Our Special Needs Planning services are multigenerational, and often involves parents and extended family members who wish to leave an inheritance to a Special Needs child in their own Estate Plan.

Advance Directives

Since a health care crisis can happen at any age, it’s important that all adults over age 18 have Advance Directives. Our attorneys can assist you in creating Power of Attorney, Health Care Proxy and Living Will legal documents.

Veteran’s Aid and Attendance Benefits

Cona Elder Law is committed to helping Veterans and their families on Long Island. As a means of giving back and expressing our thanks to our Veterans, Cona Elder Law provides pro bono services to Veterans.


Our attorneys are able to offer assistance throughout the entire Guardianship process, as well as with Contested Guardianships.

Asset Protection

The skilled Elder Law attorneys at Cona Elder Law will examine your assets and help you prepare an asset protection plan. 

We can help you minimize risks and develop an Estate Plan to ensure you're protecting your assets in the best way possible.

Family Home Protection

Our experienced Elder Law attorneys offer multiple strategies to protect your family home. By developing a personalized strategy, you can ensure the home will not be subject to spend-down or a line.

Long-Term Care Claims and Appeals

Need help with a denied long-term care claim? We’ve got you covered - Our unwavering commitment and in-depth knowledge of the long-term care insurance process allows us to prepare your claim properly and challenge any denial of benefits.

Areas We Serve

Cona Elder Law’s headquarters is centrally located in Melville, Long Island, along the main business corridor of the Island on Broadhollow Road/Route 110. This location has allowed us to serve clients from the metro New York City area to the Hamptons. For those who don’t wish to travel,  we have a New York City office at 570 Lexington Avenue. In addition, we offer virtual appointments via Zoom.

Work with an Experienced
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Cona Elder law is the recognized leader in the field of Elder Law and Estate Planning. Our award-winning firm has been continually ranked the #1 Elder Law firm on Long Island. Our holistic approach sets us apart from the others; we help our clients with legal issues but also provide assistance with financial matters, caregiver issues, health and housing and other practical matters. Our mission is to inspire and empower older adults to embrace aging with support and resources. Our customized trusts, estates and elder law plans have made us the go-to Long Island Elder Law attorney for well over 25 years. Contact us at 631.994.1794 or to learn more.

NY Elder Law FAQs

Not sure if you need an Elder Law attorney or what an Elder Law attorney can do for you? Confused about how Estate Planning fits into the picture? Read on to see how it all fits together.

Why Hire an Elder Law Attorney on Long Island?

If you are concerned with the health and financial welfare of an older adult in your life, you need to hire an Elder Law Attorney.

Elder Law is a very specialized area of law that focuses on the legal needs of older adults. It encompasses Estate Planning and Asset Protection Planning as well as other key issues facing adults as they age, such as long-term health care needs, housing, financial well-being and quality of life. On Long Island, these issues are even more complicated as the cost of long-term health care is among the highest in the nation and the laws significantly more complex due to variations among the counties.

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