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Donations in All Sizes: The Significance of Every Gift in Estate Planning

Many clients that we speak with about estate planning frequently state that they do not feel like they have enough to give to charity, and we could not disagree more. To give, all of us must overcome the misconception that we need to be a mega donor.

Every Donation Counts

Giving is the person who remembers what food insecurity feels like and donates food as they exit the grocery store or contributes to food pantries throughout the year. Giving is donating books and clothes because not every school district or family on Long Island has funds to buy the latest best sellers or latest trends.  Giving is volunteering your time to teach someone the latest computer program, keeping someone company while they eat, or using anyone of your personal talents to educate and assist those who want to learn.  When it comes to financial donations, we strongly believe that every dollar counts. You may not get the recognition that a mega donor receives, but that contribution you might believe is too small or insignificant to make could be the gift someone needs this year. This contribution could cover someone’s prescriptions, help keep open a shelter, provide legal services for someone in need, or contribute to the salary of all the individuals who work for those charities.

Keep the Giving Going

Next week is Giving Tuesday, and as you enjoy your holiday feast with your loved ones tomorrow, we would encourage you to remember that feeling of happiness and gratitude both on Giving Tuesday and throughout this year and the next.  Whether it is volunteering or cash contributions, every donation matters.

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