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New York State Passes 2025 Budget: Impact on Your Health Care Facility

Over the weekend, New York State passed the budget for Fiscal Year 2025 which included numerous provisions regarding Medicaid, reimbursement, and even collections which will impact your health care facility. […]

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Path to PRUCOL: Undocumented Residents Now Eligible For Medicaid

Nursing homes and other healthcare facilities have long grappled with complex questions regarding Medicaid eligibility for residents who lack legal immigration status. In many cases, a facility may not even […]

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Medical Debt No Longer Reportable to Credit Reporting Agencies

The rising cost of health care in recent years has led to a significant increase in medical debt, with far-reaching impact on New York consumers and their credit. On December […]

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New Legislation Provides Bill of Rights for LGBTQIA+ Residents of Long-Term Care Facilities

While significant strides have been made in recent years towards combatting discrimination against LGBTQIA+ individuals, it can still be difficult for some residents in senior living and long-term care settings […]

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New York State Considers Providing Long-Term Care Benefits for Residents

In recent years, several states have sought new ways to address the growing demand for long-term care among their aging residents. Washington state became the first state to enact a state-run […]

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Consumer Credit Fairness Act: Are You Prepared to Properly Handle Collection Cases?


The New York Consumer Credit Fairness Act (CCFA) (enacted April 1, 2022), was intended to strengthen consumer protections by requiring debt collectors to be more honest and transparent in their […]

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The Rising Impact of Internet Defamation on Skilled Nursing Facilities

In recent years, skilled nursing facilities, like many other businesses, have all too often faced scathing online criticism in the form of negative reviews and postings on social media outlets. […]

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Legal Alert: The Continuous Coverage Requirement for NYS Medicaid Program Has Ended

In December 2022, the Consolidated Appropriations Act (CAA) unlinked the Medicaid continuous coverage requirement from the public health emergency for the first time since March 2020. As a result of […]

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Legal Alert: New Law Means All Medicaid Recipients Must Recertify Beginning in April 2023

Since the onset of the Public Health Emergency created by the COVID-19 pandemic, federal law has required each state to maintain Medicaid eligibility for its Medicaid recipients in exchange for […]

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Avoiding Evictions in Your Assisted Living Facility

No matter how diligently you vet a prospective resident, there are going to be times when your facility gets stuck with a resident, or a resident’s family, who doesn’t pay […]

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