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Ken Kern, Esq. on Recent News Regarding a Senior Phone Scam on Long Island


Below are insights from Ken Kern regarding a recent arrest of two individuals for a phone scam that targeted an elderly victim in Valley Stream.

While your typical “tech support” scam usually involves a “representative” reaching out to seniors for the purpose of convincing the targeted victim that their computer has been comprised by hackers and offering to fix it for an exorbitant sum of money, this recent scam took things a bit further.

Here, the would-be scammers set up a website, likely masked as an existing well-known brand, in order to lure in their unsuspecting victims. As such, even when navigating to what appears to be the website of an established brand, one must carefully review the domain name or website address for any irregularities.

Understand, that it is incredibly easy and cheap for scammers to purchase these web addresses containing the name of a well-known and trusted brand, with a slight permutation of the actual business’ domain name (Ex.

In these harrowing times, we all must be vigilant, especially our senior population, when conducting any transaction on the internet or risk finding ourselves at the center of a cautionary tale.

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