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Assisted Living: 5 Tips for Having the Conversation with your Parents


While most of us have visions of aging in place, this isn't feasible for everyone. In fact, illness, help with daily activities and a confluence of other factors mean you may need to discuss assisted living with your parents. If mishandled, this can be one of the most difficult conversations you'll ever have with your parents.

However, with a little bit of thought and planning, discussing this topic can be a lot easier than you think. Here are 5 tips you can use to broach the subject:

  • B​e Proactive: Don't wait for a crisis to begin the discussion of relocating to an assisted living facility. Waiting until after a health scare, hospitalization or an accident can cause you and your parents to make a rash, hasty decision... Continue reading »
  • Have a Face-to-Face Conversation: Without a doubt, your parents will need and want to be active participants in the process of deciding where they will live out their golden years. Even so, you'll find the conversation to be much more fruitful... Continue reading »
  • Encourage Open Dialogue: It's critical to understand you're asking your parents to make a big move. In the event they flat out refuse, remember to be respectful and ask them to share their concerns. In many instances, "no" really means "not now"... Continue reading »
  • Ensure Your Parents Remain Empowered: Although it's extremely tempting to do everything and go ahead and make all of the decisions yourself, you must resist at all costs! Remember that this is your parents' lives... Continue reading »
  • Be Ready for Short Tempers: Your parents may lose their tempers through the transition. Instead of taking it personally, try to put yourself in their shoes... Continue reading »

Contact Cona Elder Law to Develop an Estate and Asset Protection Plan:

Whenever it's time for you to have this difficult conversation, the Elder Law attorneys at Cona Elder Law are here to help. We offer decades of experience assisting people like you and your parents in developing comprehensive estate and asset protection plans so you can rest easier knowing you've taken the steps today for a more secure future.

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