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Path to PRUCOL: Undocumented Residents Now Eligible For Medicaid

Nursing homes and other healthcare facilities have long grappled with complex questions regarding Medicaid eligibility for residents who lack legal immigration status. In many cases, a facility may not even […]

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Top 8 Things to Do After a Dementia Diagnosis

In what is becoming all too common, another celebrity has filed for conservatorship (known as Guardianship in New York) of a family member. In this case, Jay Leno is seeking […]

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Picture of mother and child with special needs

Types of Special Needs Trusts

If you or a loved one is living with a disability, the importance of planning for a secure future, both financially and medically, becomes even more critical. A Special Needs […]

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Celebrity Conservatorship: Protecting Adult Children with Addiction

Whether you get your news from the television, the internet, or the good old newspaper, you can’t help but notice the proliferation of stories about celebrities or their children who […]

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How to Become a Legal Guardian in New York

Caring for a loved one as they get older can be difficult. When that loved one needs help with paying bills and other tasks, a legal guardian may be the […]

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The Takeaway From CFPB & CMS’ September 8, 2022 “Notification Letter”

It seems like every Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) reacted differently to The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (“CFPB”) and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (“CMS”) joint “Notification Letter”. Some […]

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asset protection planning

Asset Protection Planning


A healthcare crisis can happen at any time, to any of us. As we take time to focus on our health care and reflect on the unthinkable, such as breast […]

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The Smart Way to Appeal a Foolish Fair Hearing Decision

We’ve all read Fair Hearing Decisions and wondered whether the Administrative Law Judge and Commissioner’s Designee deciding the hearing actually knows the law. I recently had a decision come across […]

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new york estate planning attorney answering questions

Top 10 Questions to Ask Your Long Island Trust and Estate Attorney

1. What Do I Do After a Loved One Passes Away? After the death of a loved one, managing the seemingly countless number of tasks involved when you are the […]

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Person signing their will

What is the Difference Between a Will and Living Will?

Legal terms and legal document names can often be confusing. You might think that a Will and a Living Will, both having “Will” in the name, would be similar, but […]

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