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Keeping Families Together Using Elder Law Mediation


As parents age and require more care, many families face intense conflicts with each other. Fighting between siblings often occurs over how to handle health care needs, living arrangements, asset protection and inheritance issues. Disputes often stem from something far deeper, such as a lengthy history of sibling rivalry. Mediation can help the siblings sort through these emotional issues. Mediation can also help the family come to unique solutions regarding their loved one’s current inabilities without going to trial.

Why Work with an Elder Law Attorney Trained in Mediation

Mediators are trained as neutral third parties who help families define the issues and reach a mutually agreeable settlement. Elder law attorneys can be the best mediators for seniors and their families because they understand the needs and issues and have experience counseling families during traditional elder law discussions. For example, if a family is arguing over money and how to pay for their loved one’s care, an elder law mediator can address asset protection options and advance directives.

How Elder Law Mediation Can Help with Conflict

Some conflicts that may arise between siblings caring for an aging loved one may include financial decisions, health care decisions, living arrangements, end of life decisions and potential guardianship. Many times, disputes are the result of one sibling taking on the burden of care, which can lead to resentment of other family members.

Mediation can help parties understand each other’s views, lead to better communication, and reach faster solutions. This is key when the parties involved in the conflict are family members who hope to maintain a continuing relationship. Mediation is an important alternative to litigation in elder law and estate disputes because it respects family relationships, allows for the airing of personal and often non-legal issues and grievances, and is uniquely suited to creating solutions tailored to the particular parties in conflict.

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