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Medicaid, what you need to know.

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Medicaid: Didn’t Plan Ahead? All is Not Lost

Sometimes, no matter how hard family members try to get their aging loved ones to plan, people refuse to do so.

When we’re left with one surviving parent and that parent needs a nursing home, many times the adult children are so concerned that every penny the parent has is going to have to be spent down on their care before we can engage the Medicaid program. This is a huge misconception and it’s simply not true.

We can always protect approximately one half of somebodies assets even if they didn’t do any planning. So while we urge people to plan ahead and get assets transferred and get through the five year look back period, we can still help you.

If your parents or loved one has not done the appropriate planning, please make sure that you do this with an elder law attorney. Our firm is here to help you protect and preserve your assets, and ensure quality care for your loved one.

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