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Long Term Care Claims & Appeals, what you need to know.

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Long Term Care Claims & Appeals: Long-Term Care Insurance

If your claim has already been denied, don’t panic. But don’t waste time either. Oftentimes the policies have very specific time limitations on submitting a review or submitting the appeal. Missing those deadlines could be the difference between starting your elimination period all over again — which would also cost you thousands of dollars.

Putting the appeal together properly, the way the insurance carrier wants to see it, is going to be a critical component. For you to absorb the cost that the insurance company should absorb, is not right and it’s not what you paid for when you when you took that insurance policy out in the first place.

The appeal process can be scary and we try to take that scare out from the whole process. Put it on us. This is what we do and we’re good at it.

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