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Medicaid, what you need to know.

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Medicaid: You Too Can Qualify For Medicaid

Mary and John have worked hard their entire life to create a comfortable nest egg that would last throughout retirement and allow them to leave an inheritance for their two children.

Since Mary and John didn’t consider themselves to be wealthy people, they were shocked when they heard two common but false statements about Medicaid eligibility:

1. They have too much money to ever qualify for Medicaid.

2. They will have to spend all of their hard earned savings in order to qualify feeling stuck between the proverbial rock and a hard place.

Mary and Joe met with an experienced attorney at Cona Elder Law. They were immediately relieved to learn they could qualify for Medicaid and didn’t have to spend their life savings to do so. Specifically, their attorney engaged in Medicaid planning to preserve their assets and secure their eligibility for government benefits.

Mary and John were confident in their plan and found comfort in the fact that they would have access to the best possible care while still leaving an inheritance to their two children.

Instead of worrying with uncertainty and misinformation, Cona Elder Law helped Marion John create a plan for their future so they could spend more time enjoying life’s precious moments with their children and grandchildren.

What myths or misconceptions have you heard about Medicaid? Contact Cona Elder Law to protect your assets and your family.

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