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Special-Needs Kids Need Special Care


Newsday Op Ed by Jennifer B. Cona

In response to the recent Newsday article, Melville woman pleads guilty to harassing family of special-needs child, Ulster County District Attorney says | Newsday, Managing Partner Jennifer Cona states her opinion in Newsday published op-ed:

As an advocate for individuals with special needs and their loved ones, this is a new low. The 27 year old should walk a mile in this family’s shoes. She should know the ten-fold daily challenges and pressures. She should navigate the government benefits and programs, the IEPs, the health care decisions. As the child grows older, she should face issues of housing, guardianship, special needs trusts, proper disbursements therefrom, estate planning for the entire family so the child does not lose her government benefits. She should know the ever present concern for who will care for the person with special needs after the parents are gone. We should all walk a mile in another’s shoes and if compassion is too much to hope for, at least treat each other like fellow human beings.

Jennifer B. Cona, Esq. is the Founder and Managing Partner of Cona Elder Law located in Melville. The firm concentrates in asset protection, estate planning and special needs planning.

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Cona Elder Law is a full service law firm based in Melville, LI. Our firm concentrates in the areas of elder law, estate planning, estate administration and litigation, special needs planning and health care facility representation. We are proud to have been recognized for our innovative strategies, creative techniques and unparalleled negotiating skills unendingly driven toward our paramount objective - satisfying the needs of our clients.

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